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PSE Slider





What’s in the Pack?

PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v or 520/v series WITH INBUILT 12v MOTOR

 Auto Stopping Each End

Battery Holder, 8AA Alkaline batteries, giving you 8 Horizontal slides.

There is no assembly necessary for the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v and 520/v Series simply connect your ballhead,camera and fit the batteries, and start enjoying timelapse photography today

No complicated rails or computer cables and no software to config or setup

*Camera,Ballhead or batteries not included.







Tripod Mounting

A tripod  can be used on both ends or in the MIDDLE for a 45 degree angle timelapse.Using your timelapse slider in this way is great for creating slides that can go from the ground up or going up the side of a tree.The PSE Timelapse Sliders has a screw-in provision on each end and in the MIDDLE for attaching a tripod taking your timelapse slider experience to the next level.

* Camera Tripod and Ballhead not included












Slimline Design

The unique slimline design of the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v & 520/v Series means you can capture more amazing photos in more places.With a weight of just  1.9 kg and 1.3kg  you can carry the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v & 520/v with easy to any location. No need to bring a team of people, 

* Carry bag sold separately














Universal Camera Application

The PSE Timelapse Slider790/v & 520/v is compatible with most hand-held camera devices, including most compact cameras, large DSLR cameras and the GoPro Hero family.

It gives you the opportunity to create stable, fluid-moving timelapse photography without the high price tag.

* Camera’s and Ballhead not included
* GoPro Tripod Adapter not included