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PSE Slider





What’s in the Pack ?

    • PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v or 520/v series  WITH INBUILT 12v MOTOR.
    • Built-in Variable speed module
    • Built-in Battery holder that takes 8AA batteries
      • Built-in battery volt meter
    • There is no assembly necessary for the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v and 520/vSeries . simply connect your ballhead,camera and fit the batteries, and start enjoying timelapse photography today. 

No complicated rails or computer cables and no software to config or setup. 

*Camera and Ballhead not included









Tripod Mounting

A tripod  can be used on both ends or in the MIDDLE for a 45 degree angle timelapse.Using your timelapse slider in this way is great for creating slides that can go from the ground up or going up the side of a tree.The PSE Timelapse Sliders has a screw-in provision on each end and in the MIDDLE for attaching a tripod taking your timelapse slider experience to the next level.

* Camera Tripod and Ballhead not included














Slimline Design

The unique slimline design of the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v & 520/v Series means you can capture more amazing photos in more places.With a weight of just  1.9 kg and 1.3kg  you can carry the PSE Timelapse Slider 790/v & 520/v with easy to any location. No need to bring a team of people, 

* Carry bag sold separately
















Universal Camera Application

The PSE Timelapse Slider790/v & 520/v is compatible with most hand-held camera devices, including most compact cameras, large DSLR cameras and the GoPro Hero family.

It gives you the opportunity to create stable, fluid-moving timelapse photography without the high price tag.

* Camera’s and Ballhead not included
* GoPro Tripod Adapter not included












The PSE Carry Bag for 790/v

Made with heavy duty tough nylon material the PSE Carry Bag is designed to carry all of your PSE Timelpase Slider and accessories. The case with four adjustable and removable straps. It also comes with a nylon handle and metal D rings on the ends. Adjustable and removable shoulder strap with shoulder padding and metal D rings at the ends of the strap as well for a stronger hold.