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If you have a general inquiry, we recommend you browse our FAQs before submitting an email.


The below FAQs are to guide you if you have any questions or queries about the PSE Timelapse Slider.

  • FAQs

    The PSE Timelapse Sliders team have compiled these Frequently Asked Questions to help you enjoy your timelapse experience. For further questions please contact us.


    Sorry no pickups we send all Sliders Via Australia Post

  • Q: What are the four screws on Camera block for.

    A: To ajust the Camera Block when fitting a GOPRO as it is very light and could move when sliding.

  • Q: How long is the warranty

    A: Warranty 12 Months Replacement

    Warranty does not cover item faults caused by misuse Cost of return is payable by the customer.Please retain receipt as Proof of Purchase.


    A: Shop with Confidence Enjoy  Pay Pal Protection

  • Q: What battery do I need to run the slider?

    A: All new model PSE SLIDERS come with a 8AA built in battery holder 

  • Q: How long does a battery last?

    A:  Using good AA batteries you should get 6x 40 minute sliders (+-10% approximately)

  • Q: The PSE Timelapse Slider has stopped at one end. What do I do?

    A: The PSE Timelapse Slider is made to stop at each end. The switch must be reversed manually to return to the opposite end. The slider (or camera block) can be  stopped at any time by using the 3 way switch.

  • Q: Can the slider be used for video timelapse?

    A:  The PSE Timelapse Slider motor speed is designed specifically for stills timelapse photography. 

    The PSE Timelapse Slider has an optimal speed for smooth timelapse photography projects, which when compressed and rendered become seamless timelapse  Videos. Yes the slider can be used for video timelapse, But you will need a conversion program like iMovie or Adobe Media Pro to turn you videos into a smooth time lapse.

  • Q: Can the slider be decoupled to use manually (video)?

    A: At this stage, the motorised PSE Timelapse Slider is a fixed speed slider and cannot be used as a manual slider.

  • Q: Can the length of the slider be doubled to give twice the slide time ie 80 minutes of sliding one way?

    A: Yes the PSE TIMELAPSE SLIDES come in two modles 520/v variabl speed 30,minutes to 2, Hours and also the 790/v variable speed that gives you 40,minutes to 3,hours. +/- 10%

  • Q: Does the camera mount come with the ballhead.

    A: The ballhead is sold separately

  • Q: Why can you not alter the time it takes to complete the slide?

    A: You can alter the time of the slide by using the on/off switch, so if you need a 20minute slide you manually switch it off.